LunaFit Programs
& Services

Our goal is to provide fitness and nutrition services to help you be a healthier you! 

Full Moon


Challenge yourself to engage in the fitness community and tackle unlimited weekly fitness classes, with nutrition planning and accountability.  

Crescent Moon 

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Focus on your fitness goals with our Crescent Moon package. Giving you access to weekly classes and community. 

Nutrition Program 


Focus on your nutrition goals with our Nutrition Program. Our coaches develop nutrition plans based on each member's diet and behaviors. Weekly check-ins along with weigh-ins are key to our accountability push! 

Half Moon 


Choose 3 classes out of the 15+ we offer weekly and achieve your goals faster with our nutrition and accountability coaches. 

LunaFit Virtual Program


Become a healthier version of yourself and engage in our Full LunaFit program from anywhere! You will have access to on-demand fitness videos and our nutrition and accountability coaches. 


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Lose the weight by giving your all to it! We host challenges all the time. We have our 6-Week Challenge that is ongoing, and then we have others that we complete as a team.  Contact us to be notified of our next challenge!